Kitten Wars: To set my alarm or not?

Jeager, Hunter kitty, has an impeccable sense of time. No matter the day of the week, if the birds are chirping or even thinking about it, he wakes me up. 90% of the time, it is 6:30 AM or really close to it. So, do I really need to set an alarm? Truly, he even wakes me up on the weekends by walking on me, rubbing up against any body part he can, or nibbling on whatever part of me is convenient or inconvenient.

The question of setting an alarm became a mute point the other day when I forgot to set it. I had been having several days of  long days and shorter nights to the point that I literally put my head down and passed out without thinking about the alarm. In what I thought was a couple of seconds, there was Jeager loving me awake, claiming me for the world to know that I was his human. Just as I was about to push the aggressively loving kitty off of me once more, I glanced at the alarm clock. Sure enough, it was 6:30 AM, time to get up and my alarm was silent. Instead of pushing him away, I hugged him close and told him what a good kitty he was.

I know that come summertime, I’ll wish his habit of early rising would go away, but for now, it is welcome.


Being Loved By Someone Is A Privilege, Not A Right

I have never reposted someone’s article. This one is well worth the read.


Being Loved By Someone Is A Privilege, Not A Right.

Robin Williams and Koko

This is one of my favorite films of his. Robin Williams is so gentle and sweet with Koko. The Gorilla Foundation recorded it. I found it on youtube and just fell in love with it. Enjoy.