Kitten wars: Babies finding homes

About 7 weeks ago, the feral mama kitty that I’ve been feeding, decided to introduce me to her babies. They were precious balls of fluff whose eyes were not even open. Over the next couple of weeks, I slowly introduced my son and myself into their lives. There was Shadow, the solid black with black stripes, Precious Cream Puff, a Siamese bobtail, Tony the Tigger cat of the ultra soft paws, and Miss Hiss the dark calico. Tony was the first one I touched because he literally rolled into the parking lot. Then I met Precious Cream Puff who fell 12 feet off the platform where Mama Kitty left them and didn’t get hurt. My son raced down to rescue him. Shadow was curious about these overly large hairless cats so he came over to inspect us. Last there was Miss Hiss. She earned her name because she was literally a tiny ball of runty hissing. We overruled her hissing to pick her up and love on her. She fell in love with my son and would fall asleep in his arms. He had never been around an entire litter of kittens before and fell in love.

Precious Boy was the first one to start purring followed quickly by Shadow. After a few days, they would race out purring to greet us whenever we would go to see them. Mama kitty kept her distance, watching us, but didn’t move them. After a couple of weeks, she decided to take them for a walk through the parking lot. That was when we intervened. I just couldn’t  have them walking through the busy apartment parking lot. So, we took the kittens inside, but Mama Kitty refused to join us even though she demanded to be fed each morning.

We put the kittens in my son’s walk-in closet to keep them safe and fed them with kitten wean, kitten chow, and all good things kitten. Now these precious babies are going out to good homes. Shadow and Precious Cream Puff will go out this week. We are keeping Miss Hiss. I don’t think that my son will ever part with her. Their bond is solid. I’m hoping to find Tony the Tigger a good home soon. He is the sweetest of the bunch with his very soft paws.



Kitten Wars: Sister’s Babies are Here!

The wild kitty outside had kittens in my bush, just like her momma before her. Now I have 3 rambunctious 4 week old kitties running around my porch, tumbling over each other in their joy of life. It makes you appreciate life again watching something that little be that fearless and curious about everything. These babies are precious, adorable balls of fluff. Two are tail-less like their daddy. Only the dark calico female has a tail. She is, by far, the most fearless of the bunch. She tackles the others, leaps through the air pouncing on them all with her arms spread wide. While they play on my porch, my cats watch through the glass windowed door and try to play with them.

I plan on trying to tame those little ones to see if I can find them a new home. Momma kitty is my cat’s sister. She knows where Cleo is, but when I tamed Cleo, she refused to come near. Now she keeps watching me through my glass door to see what I plan on doing. She comes to the door to tell me that I need to feed them, training her kittens to do the same. She is slowly coming closer to me each day, but I’m not gonna hold my breath about taming her.

So life continues and the circle goes on, one kitten at a time.

Kitten Wars: How to blow the mind of your cat

Step one Alter your routine. (There is only one step.)

How to blow the minds of your cats:

This morning started an hour and a half earlier than usual. I couldn’t sleep so decided to go for a walk instead of fighting the stare at the ceiling game and losing. (Yes, the ceiling is still there. It always wins that one.) When I came inside, both kitties were waiting for me at the door to tell me exactly why I shouldn’t go out into the cold before daylight. For starters, well, its COLD out there and DARK. And don’t you know that you do not go WALKING first!

They were quite forthright with much “paws out” and tails swishing making constant eye contact while they told me off for emphasis. As a unit, they decided to help me get back on my morning routine. While Cleo led the way to the shower, Jeager escorted me, herding me along to ensure that I got where I should have gone first.

Just to make sure that I stayed where they put me, both cats checked up on me a few times. They parted the curtain, stuck their heads inside, “You still with the Water Beast? Yes? GOOD!”

Kitten Wars 2/15/15: Perfume is in the Nose of the Beholder ….

Kitten Wars 2/15/15

Well, Teeny has been in one of her more affectionate heats of late. Alex and I have been going around removing anything that might possibly smell of us so the she doesn’t follow along and “scent” it up with that lovely (not so) perfume of hers. Evidently, after our walk, Buddy came back smelling a bit too much of me. Now I freely admit that I gave him a big hug and good pet after being such a wonderful dog, but I surely did not intend for the cat to determine that the dog was now free game. Doing the creepy crouch heat walk of hers, she made her way over to where he lay watching her with one eye. She sniffed the air daintily then promptly turned her rump towards him and perfumed his nose up properly. You’ve never seen a dog rise in such horrified confusion as poor Buddy did. He tried racing around the kitchen, running into the walls as tears welled up in his eyes. Finally, he ran over to where I was on the couch and started shoving his nose under all the cushions trying to get rid of it that way. Meanwhile, Teeny lifted her head up, looked over at us with enormous eyes and blinked as if not realizing just quite what she had done.

Needless to say, the dog got a good bathing of his nose. He has been keeping his distance from her rear ever since. Its kinda cute, he’s upset with her so he will do a quick pounce-bark at her, then remember what she did and run away.

Kitty Love and Ownership Kitten Wars 1/28/15

Kitty love as declared by Teeny:
Perch halfway on the couch back with front paws on my human’s shoulder.
Purr LOUDLY into my human’s ear.
Avidly watch the computer while head bumping my human.
Purr LOUDER to remind her that hands need to be petting the CAT.
Dig claws in whenever she moves her shoulder the slightest bit forward.
Purr loudly and head bump harder.
Stare deeply into my human’s eyes reminding her who is in charge.
Nod at her, then rest my head on my paws which are still on her shoulder.

Kitten Wars 1/9/15: Tuckered Out Kitty

The tiny cat is all tuckered out from a long day of pouncing on the wrapping paper monster and from stalking the beast in the paper bag. Within moments of setting my coat on the couch, ninja kitty crept in to create her nest, peacefully sleeping away until I woke her by taking her picture. That is a glare worthy offense didn’t you know? But only a one eyed glare.

The tiny cat is all tuckered out from a long day of pouncing on the wrapping paper monster and from stalking the beast in the paper bag. Within moments of setting my coat on the couch, ninja kitty crept in to create her nest, peacefully sleeping away until I woke her by taking her picture. That is a glare worthy offense didn't you know? But only a one eyed glare ;)

Kitten Wars 1/7/15: A Kitten and Her Bag Will Soon Be Parted …

Cleo decided to investigate this over-sized bag as a possible nest for a kitty in heat. It crinkled happily and all was good until she decided to back out. Her paw caught on the handle, trapping the poor kitty inside. In great efforts to escape she made the bag go air born over and over again until she flipped it upside down and raced off.

Cleo decoded to investigate this oversized bag as a possible nest for a kitty in heat. It crinkled happily and all was good until she decided to back out. Her paw caught on the handle, trapping the poor kitty inside. In great efforts to escape  she made the bag go air born over and over again until she flipped it upside down and raced off.

Kitten Wars 1/2/15: Persona Non Grata in My Own Home



I’ve had the best holiday season ever thanks to family and friends. I had my best friend come and stay for a couple of weeks which was fabulous. Both of my cats and my dog were completely spoiled by Dallas. The cats took turns getting loved on by him and would hiss at poor Buddy when he ventured too close. By the end of his visit, Cleo, my normally very sweet, everyone loves me and I love everyone kitty, actually stalked over and swiped her claws across the poor dog’s nose completely confusing him. After all, since she was being petted, why couldn’t Buddy put his big dog head in Dallas’s lap and get some of the same. But the clincher came when I returned from the airport after dropping him off to fly away home. Both cats, not just Cleo, came running to the door with the perfect “pet me” meows echoing through the apartment. Cleo in specific looked at me, then watched in disgust as I closed the door and her favorite petting friend did not come through it after me. She glared in my direction, raised her head as high as it could go with her tail straight up and marched off filled with utter disgust that I had dared to come home without him. Persona NON Grata in my OWN place. Spoiled my pets, he did! It took Buddy almost 3 hours to get over it. He kept going back and forth to my son’s room, then back to the front door looking, waiting for Dallas to come through it. The cats are still trying to decide if I’ll ever be allowed to pet them again. I’m sure they will get over it by breakfast tomorrow.20140720-121721-44241475.jpg

Kitten Wars: Ninja Kitty and the Art of Being Picked Up

The cats have decided that they will take turns in claiming which human they will deign to show their affection. I’m guessing it is because I am generally quietly relaxing on the sofa, that I get Miss Sofa Shoulder Cat (Teeny) much more frequently than my son who is a constant motion machine. This frustrates him because he wants to pet Teeny and love all over her, but just won’t slow down enough to do so most days. So he picks her up, a lot, which she absolutely does not like and will loudly voice her opinion about on most days.

Teeny will actually tell him off for quite a while when he picks her up. She has this little purrupt meow that she uses quite extensively in multiple sounds and ranges to convey her extreme dislike of being picked up. But, my son is not one to be discouraged. Every day, he picks her up for 5-10 minutes at least 5 times a day during the week and more over the weekends. I’m guessing that he is wearing her down, slowly. She no longer trots off to parts unknown or to the area behind my shoulders on the couch when she sees him coming. She has even not chewed him out about it a few times. So this is progress. She knows he won’t drop her, at least.

Cleo on the other hand has taken to hunting anything that could possibly move in the house. And, quite frankly, even if it doesn’t move, and she can figure out a way to make it move, she does. This includes but is definitely not exclusive to single pieces of toilet paper, nerf darts, pieces of clothing, toy discs, and anything else that she believes can be hunted.

Recently, my son has been shooting off his nerf disc gun much to Cleo’s delight. He has not figured out that the reason he keeps losing his discs is because the cat hijacks them as soon as she finds them. He will go searching for them immediately after shooting them. Counting them up, he gets annoyed when he can’t find one. Then out of the corner of my eye, I spy Cleo. There is the little tuxedo ninja kitty with a disc in her mouth as she trots off to parts hidden from view to play with and stalk her prey once more.

After she has played with her new toy to her delight, she will come out of hiding and love all over my son. I’m sure that she is thanking him for her new toy, begging him to give her more.

Kitten Wars 9/17/14 The Pounce is Strong in This One

I came home to one very playful kitty (Cleo) and one very affectionate cat (Teeny). Now, Teeny has only recently become an affectionate every day cat. For the last week she has begun waking me at 6 AM, whether I want to get up or not, by coming up to my face, bumping it, purring, and prrruupping at me until I either get up or move her away. If you haven’t had a determined cat before, well, let me tell you, moving Teeny away is no easy feat. Oh, you can pick her up and place her off the bed, on the other side of the bed, etc while remaining under the covers. This does not deter her in the least when she wants you to get up. She knows when my alarm should go off and is determined that I get up out of my cozy nest of blankets. No amount of moving her, removing her, or discouraging her work other than placing her on the other side of the bedroom door. But, then she begins scratching at the door until you let her back in. So its either get up or have one affectionate cat all over you until you do get up because you simply cannot breathe with all of her bunny fur in your face.

But, I digress. Cleo was in a very playful mood when I got home and was gleefully pouncing on everything that moved and some that didn’t. If a shoe lace fell, Cleo attacked. If the shadow moved, Cleo attacked. If Teeny shifted her eyes, Cleo … attacked. When Teeny first came into my home in June, she was a grumpy grande dame who generally hissed at anything that she didn’t like. There were days when I believed that all she knew how to do was hiss and spit, run and hide. Those days, I am glad to say, are long gone. When Cleo attacked Teeny, rolling her over, Teeny rolled over and continued walking over to get her rub. Cleo attacked again, pouncing over Teeny this time and was completely ignored by the cat on a mission.

So, Cleo changed tactics. Instead of wrestling and pouncing, she decided to batt at Teeny’s ear tufts. Maybe this new maneuver would gain her the attention she craved. Teeny leveled a look on Cleo that any teacher would have been proud to own, stuck her paw on Cleo’s head and pressed down much in the manner of the Pope when he is blessing someone. I got the feeling she was telling Cleo something important. So Cleo backed up a tiny bit to rethink what she was doing, but when Teeny prepared to leap up to the bathroom counter, she just couldn’t control herself any longer. As Teeny’s back hips quivered in the “jump ready” stance, Cleo pounced for all she was worth. The two wrestled for a few moments, then Teeny, pinned Cleo with her paw and put her nose on Cleo’s, looking her directly in the eyes. Momentarily mesmerized, Cleo lay there just long enough for Teeny to make the leap to the counter to get her rub.

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