Kitten wars: Babies finding homes

About 7 weeks ago, the feral mama kitty that I’ve been feeding, decided to introduce me to her babies. They were precious balls of fluff whose eyes were not even open. Over the next couple of weeks, I slowly introduced my son and myself into their lives. There was Shadow, the solid black with black stripes, Precious Cream Puff, a Siamese bobtail, Tony the Tigger cat of the ultra soft paws, and Miss Hiss the dark calico. Tony was the first one I touched because he literally rolled into the parking lot. Then I met Precious Cream Puff who fell 12 feet off the platform where Mama Kitty left them and didn’t get hurt. My son raced down to rescue him. Shadow was curious about these overly large hairless cats so he came over to inspect us. Last there was Miss Hiss. She earned her name because she was literally a tiny ball of runty hissing. We overruled her hissing to pick her up and love on her. She fell in love with my son and would fall asleep in his arms. He had never been around an entire litter of kittens before and fell in love.

Precious Boy was the first one to start purring followed quickly by Shadow. After a few days, they would race out purring to greet us whenever we would go to see them. Mama kitty kept her distance, watching us, but didn’t move them. After a couple of weeks, she decided to take them for a walk through the parking lot. That was when we intervened. I just couldn’t  have them walking through the busy apartment parking lot. So, we took the kittens inside, but Mama Kitty refused to join us even though she demanded to be fed each morning.

We put the kittens in my son’s walk-in closet to keep them safe and fed them with kitten wean, kitten chow, and all good things kitten. Now these precious babies are going out to good homes. Shadow and Precious Cream Puff will go out this week. We are keeping Miss Hiss. I don’t think that my son will ever part with her. Their bond is solid. I’m hoping to find Tony the Tigger a good home soon. He is the sweetest of the bunch with his very soft paws.