Kitten Wars: Sister’s Babies are Here!

The wild kitty outside had kittens in my bush, just like her momma before her. Now I have 3 rambunctious 4 week old kitties running around my porch, tumbling over each other in their joy of life. It makes you appreciate life again watching something that little be that fearless and curious about everything. These babies are precious, adorable balls of fluff. Two are tail-less like their daddy. Only the dark calico female has a tail. She is, by far, the most fearless of the bunch. She tackles the others, leaps through the air pouncing on them all with her arms spread wide. While they play on my porch, my cats watch through the glass windowed door and try to play with them.

I plan on trying to tame those little ones to see if I can find them a new home. Momma kitty is my cat’s sister. She knows where Cleo is, but when I tamed Cleo, she refused to come near. Now she keeps watching me through my glass door to see what I plan on doing. She comes to the door to tell me that I need to feed them, training her kittens to do the same. She is slowly coming closer to me each day, but I’m not gonna hold my breath about taming her.

So life continues and the circle goes on, one kitten at a time.