A dog and his kibble

My dog is an easy 110 -115 pounds depending on what time of year it is. He is the sweetest of animals and the most loyal. He trails me everywhere I go and will happily lie on the edge of the runway kitchen while I make meals. The problem with a 110+ pound dog, is that they are a little bit more than a speed bump when it comes to moving beyond. And while he is very good about remaining still, occasionally he just can’t stop from popping his head up and nailing whomever is stepping over him well, in the center of all things painful. But that is not what today is about. Today is about the one thing that my dog absolutely refuses to learn and that is to keep his kibble in his bowl or the bathroom.

Buddy, has a head that is easily bigger than my own. It is a big, blocky head that is part labrador and part mastiff to give you a hint. He has droopy over hanging lips that seem to move on their own to pick up all kinds of things that I wish he wouldn’t. So when I feed him, I put the food in the bowl in the bathroom so that he is out of the way. Now for those of you who have never had a big dog who still has his tail, let me tell you that thing is LETHAL! When Buddy eats, his tail could hack down a tree from all the wagging it does.  So, like I said, his kibble is in the bathroom. Well, he does not agree with this idea and never really has. You see, if he is eating it where the bowls are, then he cannot see what I or my son are doing. SO he painstakingly tucks pieces of kibble into his lips and drops them on my off white carpet at the entrance to the kitchen so that he can eat and watch me cook at the same time. He has the best of both worlds there, especially if I drop something to the floor that a dog might like.

Remember, I said Off White Carpet? Yes, Off White! It is now also Off Brown, Off Red, and Off Beige from where he and I have been having the kibble war. Thank goodness, kibble stains aren’t really stains. They do clean up, just not the first time. I love my dog. He is a sweet mountain of mess 🙂


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