Bright and Shiny, Fresh and Filled with Hope

The new year began on Wednesday and the students all came with their excited faces and laughter. They brought energy to the freshly remodeled school that had remained empty over the months of summer. With them came the actual heat of summer as Georgia has had an unseasonably cool June and July. As they trotted, skipped, and danced their way around the fresh paint and the workers still making the “final” adjustments all of the flaws from the tired old school of last year faded away making this truly a new year.

Last year we were forced to become accustomed to a school that had no ceiling tiles, wires hanging all over the place, and a depth of dust from the remodeling that no one should ever be required to be around. We came back from Christmas 2013 to find our school a shadow of what it had been with all of its assorted guts beginning to show. By the end of 2013-2014 we knew intimately the innards of our school and it was not pretty. Its strange how that became the accepted norm while bringing all of our morale down despite any attempts at the hope of the fresh school of the future. By the end of May we were all trudging along, frantically sorting, chucking, and packing all of our belongings so that the workers could get to their main work while wondering what they had been doing since January if summer was to be their main work. Admittedly, tempers were short, sleep was even shorter. More fights broke out than normal. The students truly didn’t understand why they were constantly upset, but it was the tiredness of their surroundings, the feeling of hopelessness from the dirt, the dust, the wires, and everything else weighing upon them. As a faculty and a school, summer could not get there fast enough.

So, coming back to this new school, and it is a NEW school, with its bright paint, tiled floor, and new classrooms with shiny equipment, is a true blessing. The students feel the hope that is there and are building from it. May this year continue in its cheer, its laughter, and its fun.


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