Winter’s Edge: Prologue

Just a quick note before I give you the prologue. This was started back in 2009 as a series of epic poems. Later, I realized that I was writing about a game I played and that if I kept it PG that I could repost the poem as a story. While I did take artistic license with many ideas, the overall concept of the game does come out. In case anyone wonders, I have never read Game of Thrones, nor does this or any of the references from it have anything to do with either the book or the series. Like I said, this prologue and its subsequent chapters were started in 2009. I am cleaning them up a bit and resubmitting them here.

Winter’s Edge- the Prologue


At Winter’s Edge the snow falls silvering everything in its brilliance. There I sit in Time’s madness, a piece of eternity at my feet. Gazing into the rifts and flurries of generations, I am encased in Serenity’s inconsolability, unable to leave until the resolution for times past has been found.

She has cried. I must go.

The time for The Reckoning is at hand. Passion’s pierced reconciliation has been discarded, tossed into the streams of Time itself. The essence of Myth and Legend are at war with practicality. Our Time is ending.

She has called, I must go.

Yet, I remain in relentless solitude at Winter’s Edge waiting, silently wishing for a different ending to what will be. Prediction and predilection combine as Mankind and Other come to War, not to return.

She screams her fury. I rise.

It wasn’t always a time of inconsolable strife. Once, before the rift between Men and Other, there was peace. Peace that was shattered by countless acts of abandon brought about by excess. As all great societies rise, then too they fall. Ours is falling, failing, tumbling, spiralling into Oblivion.

But I digress I am at the end of my story as my world slides into decline, its people spent. My saga is almost complete, but you, you have just begun your journey. Learn from our mistakes, you who may alter the Coming of Winter.


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