Poetical Punctuation Faux Pas

This is more of a reply to Mark’s poem from earlier. I wrote it several years ago, but it answers his unspoken challenge… Lay On!

For the Grammarians, Literature buffs, and humorists among us

Periods, commas, questions marks, too
Some would wonder, what do they do?
While others ignore them entirely
Not knowing the consequences, direly.

Now, quotations will lead the reader to view
What others would think, about me and you.
With exclamation points used to drill in
Something exciting, thrilling out in the din
Of reality creeping,
trying to get in!

Alliteration alters all allegorical advice
While similies compare as something quite nice
Onomatopoeia makes sounds from Batman abound

What I am trying to say through this profuse abuse
Is that punctuation can help through its use.
Not all would need it, but some it would appear
Would assist their aspirations
To make something dear.


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