Kitten Wars 7/13/14

After spending all day Friday and all night until 5:30 AM working on a recalcitrant costume, I packed up and went to an event a state over leaving my beloved cats and dog alone for the day. This was the first time Teeny had been left alone for a very extended period. And unbeknownst to me, well, she considers my dining room table her own. Silly me. I had left various pieces of fabric on top of her domain and expected them to stay there until my return in the condition and place where I had left them.

While I didn’t truly notice much of anything upon returning last night. I was in that too tired to be observant mode that too little sleep will do to you, once I got up this morning I found the pieces of her discontent all over the floor of the living and dining rooms. She, probably with the help of Cleo, had taken tiny pieces of cloth and dispersed them all over my apartment. I am STILL in the process of finding tiny pieces of fabric under the couch, in the foyer, beneath the piano, by the TV, etc. She evidently was quite picky in what she considered “keepable” fabric. Because the larger pieces were condensed and shifted around to create a “bed” of sorts for her majesty. Everything else that was “unworthy” had been pushed off the table.

When I walked over to pet her “Good Morning” she lifted her head, then turned around and presented me with her tail, and walked off. Silly kitty. It wasn’t until I started unloading food back into the fridge that she realized that maybe the “Cut Direct” was not the way to treat this human and wandered over to inspect the items being put out of her reach into that cold box. That I put the leftover KFC chicky into it, too, did not please her. She decided to climb up my leg with her gorgeous eyes and ask nicely to please let her have a piece BEFORE it was put away.

Buddy just looked at her antics, placed his head on his paws and rolled his eyes. He knows me well enough to know that once the fridge is open, it all goes inside. Cleo looked at Teeny, walked over to look in the fridge and wandered off. To date, Cleo has found nothing in the fridge that interests her. She is SO not into human food.


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