Kitten Wars 7/11/14

Well, Teeny has adapted and made herself quite the member of my household. Cleo now washes her each day, treating her elder as if she were her own kitten. Cleo keeps trying to pounce and play with Teeny, but Teeny is not having that one. Buddy has taken a very philosophical approach, after all he is the only dog in the house, how else should he react? He basically leaves her alone and lets her hiss at him as she walks by. Then he looks up at me with the, “what did I do” look and puts his head back on his paws until her next pass.

Cleo has been very appreciative of having a new cat sister in the house. She almost drives Teeny crazy with all the attention that she showers on the poor cat. Teeny takes it all in stride. After all Cleo was the first of my little family that Teeny decided was OK.

As far as I was concerned, well, she ignored me or hissed at me until she realized that I was the one who opened the fridge and took out the “dead bird”. Once she got a good whiff of my lemon chicken heating up, that was all she wrote. Teeny came in demanding that I give her some. She and I went back and forth a few times with her walking off and me refusing to give it to her until she came up to me. In the end though, she gave in to the lure of “dead bird”. Now when I go into the kitchen she climbs her front legs up my leg to tell me that she wants something. She’s even gone so far as to wake me up and lead me to the fridge to tell me to get her “dead bird” out for her. LOL and I don’t always give in. If I did, then I wouldn’t have any “dead bird” for me 😉


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