To Ask or Not to Ask #WOEGTTT

“The lilies go next to the curtains over in the right corner!” she directed Thomas, a volunteer at the church, as she placed her own vase on the opposite side of the altar. He placed them where she asked then exited towards the sacristy to get more supplies. Long nights of cutting ribbons, flowers, and sorting out all the details for her grandfather’s service had Kaitlyn’s head drooping. Her back ached from all the work but who was left to tend him while he was dying and now in his death? All were dead. One by one her family had met their ends none in the bed of old age save her grandpa. Sorrow pierced through her but it had to be done. The details, the details, must be followed to the letter according to his last words.

As she placed the brilliant hand-beaten copper bowl filled with holy water beside his head, the wind picked up, branches slapped against the windows threatening to shatter them. For an instant, Kaitlyn swore there was more in that bowl than holy water. Something whirled in its depths drawing her in, but then it was gone as the front doors to the church whipped opened, slamming against the walls.

Shaking her head at her momentary folly, she placed the deep purple, blue, fuchsia and white candles around the bowl in the diagram left by her grandfather. She laid out the herbs he requested then stepped aside to set the braziers alight with the spices at his head, feet, and hands. Sandalwood, cinnamon, and others mixed to create a murky aroma thickening the air around him, cocooning his body. Some of the spices would have been hard to come by in their small town by the ocean had her grandfather not been prepared. As he lay dying, he guided her through secrets in their old house that she’d never plumbed as a child. What else had he kept locked away?

The wind whipped a shutter off the side window bashing it into the stained glass, crashing hard enough to shatter, yet it did not penetrate. The glass, while broken into thousands of pieces remained in place, frozen.

“Miss, Finish It! The ceremony must be done and only you are left to complete it!” Father Eckels took her arm in his leading her to the altar.

Kaitlyn started at his rudeness. Father Eckels had never so much as touched her before and now this? She raised her eyebrows, “But surely Father, this is just a Nor’Easter. It will blow over soon enough. Shouldn’t we wait for the mourners to come?”

“Surely he told you! You cannot be his kin without knowing the reason why he never left! Why your family always searched, save him?” Father’s eyes grew huge as the wind whipped stronger, pounding rain and now hail against the stones of the church. He spun in his robes, his body tense with imminent danger.

Pulling her to him, “You MUST complete the ceremony, NOW!” With a quick swipe of his hand, he cut into her arm drawing it over the copper bowl forcing her blood to drip into its depths while she struggled in his arms.

“No! Are you mad?”Kaitlyn screamed as she pushed against him, shoving for all she was worth, but unable to escape. Kicking out, she lost her balance as he caught her up, taking her into the heart of the incense. She felt her muscles soften as she was forced to breathe in until all she could do was listen. Gently, he laid her down beside her grandfather, connecting their hands together.

He began chanting softly, deeply in a language that she recognized from her grandfather, yet did not know. She felt herself nodding as slowly, slowly the words began to echo. Images flashed through her mind. Defiance, protection, security, strength, and love. Yes, all of these and more. Webbed, intertwined within her psyche and then she saw it. The core, the reason for her family. Floating above herself, she felt his voice take her through the past, through the ceremony to the beginning. To the Promise. Broken all those years ago, it was up to her family to protect, safeguard and she was the last one left. Power unwrapped within her: unleashed, unchained, unguarded.

The window shattered, this time faltering as the wind burst inside sending shards of glass throughout the church. Pierced by spears of colored glass, Father Eckels faltered, falling to his knees.

“Die now knowing she will follow ending her line!” came a voice of beauty formed from glass.

Father Eckels only continued his tale blood welling up, dripping from his wounds. Forcing himself up, he lit the candles deep within the incense and began the chant.

Struggling, Kaitlyn brought herself out of the trance to sit up staring at the horrific scene around her. Fury at this interruption whipped through her. Gripping her grandpa’s hand in hers, she kissed it.

Rising, Kaitlyn turned to face the elemental, the glass sheathed intelligence trying to infiltrate the altar.

Arming herself with new born power, she cried out,“Leave this place!” Shouting the last word the force of her anger focused on the beast. Her hair whipped behind her as she stood, all traces of the incense leaving her.

“I said, LEAVE!” She growled.

A wall of force accompanied her very Will as the wind elemental was pushed backwards towards the window it had burst through. Taking a step closer to the being, Kaitlyn raised her hand focusing her power and began the ancient chant that Father Eckels kept repeating, enhancing it with the strength of her fury. Step by step, she walked the beast out of the church until the window righted itself once more becoming whole.

Stalking back to the altar, she blew out the candles. Taking the copper bowl, she dumped its contents on the old man. Glaring down at her grandfather as his eyes
opened, she growled, “Next time you want help, ASK!”


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  2. Kate Loveton
    Jul 29, 2014 @ 17:14:35

    Nice take on the prompt.


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