Master Card and Mistress Visa

(You know who you are…)

Master Card and Mistress Visa
Met on a balcony one day
Said Master Card to his lady
“Fair one, we should go play!
For in the village by the brook
Is waiting a lady fair
And her lord wouldst buy for her
A most cuddle-some teddy bear!”

Mistress Visa nodded once
Then raised her eyes and smiled
Ne’er has there been nor e’er will be
A more handsome man beguiled
For what she knew was something “sweet”
Yet, something all too true
For the lord who wandered in the town
Had a credit card of blue

Said she, “Her loving lord
Shall purchase a soft little bear
And then when he is walking off
Perhaps a bauble for her hair
Then later as he walks this way
And that within the town
He might espy some lovely silk
Of which to make her gown.”

Said Master Card with a curious gleam,
“My lady you are so devious
How could I ever dared esteem
To ever be as mischievous?
You’ve planted ideas in his mind
For an afternoon to buy
Everything within the market
And all without a sigh.”

Said Mistress Visa, not quite coy,
“Dear sir, you accuse my style?
Why sir, it is with efficiency
That I encouraged his country mile.
For in this day he will have spent
What could be the ransom of a king
And at day’s end it all will be
With the purchase of a ring

He won’t know how he did it
He probably won’t care
But in the end with charges many
To look at the bill, he won’t dare
He’ll justify it to his lass
She was worth it all, you see
That is, of course, unless she too
Ends the day with charger’s glee.”


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