The Night Has Teeth

Journey of the Damned “TNHTeeth Challenge”

As the day lingered until it finally succumbed to dark
He waited in the shadows
His coat and frayed jeans hiding him in the depths,
The corners of the life sucking denizens of the city
He knew “It” was out there waiting to strike
Knew with every atom of essence within his dark soul
Knew also, that he had waited long enough
The time had come

Once a long time ago, they knew each other
At one time they had been inseparable
That was until the Hunger overtook their friendship
The Hunger changed them irreparably
Bringing about fits of berserk feeding frenzies in one
While forcing bouts of deepest loathing and depression in the other
Normally, he stayed away, ignoring the feeding
He couldn’t any longer
That life taking feeding had entered his domain
Little did “his friend” know but he had returned
To follow, to stalk, to hunt

Through the dark alleys among the drink- saturated brains
He stalked, wrapping shadows around him without a thought
Only those already damned souls knew he was there
Their greedy hands followed him, begging in remorse
Begging for forgiveness
Only to be snatched back as he
Turned his glowing eyes upon them
Who was he to forgive them that which he had committed?
Who was he to pardon them?
He who had fallen further than they could ever hope to fly
NO, he grimaced to himself
He was no saint, no preacher, no holy man anymore
He was just as damned as they, if not more so

Only one question remained to be asked in his mind
Who was the monster?
The stalker or that which stalks it?


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